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  • Tony Degliomini

Man in Brown…

Every morning like many of us, I stop off at my local Dunkin Donuts soon to be called “Dunkin” on the way to work. As you know, starting the day without a little Java could be quite frightening especially when you need to drive 295 every day.This past morning, I happen to get out to pick up my coffee (yes, I use the mobile app) sitting on the counter. I come out and my son says to me “who is that?” I said, “What?” Son, “who is that guy you say hi to every morning?” I said, “Who do you mean?” Son, “Dad, the UPS guy” I said, “oh I, don’t know his name but we talk every day for a couple of minutes.” “What do you talk about? Me, “We just talk about everyday things like, weather, holidays, and family.” Son, “I like that guy”. I said, “Me too with a smile”.After thinking about it more intently... Specifically, how he greets me with this huge smile ear to ear with giant HELLO as I hold the door for him while he walks into the store. You know, I don’t even know his name.  I’m sure he has said it a million times to me and I feel quite embarrassed I don’t know it. I usually end the conversation by saying “be safe on the road today”.As I write about this daily encounter with this mysterious man in brown, I think a bit more deeply of what he delivers every day to US his customers and the contribution he makes to us all every day starting with a coffee and a “hi from me.” Just think he is touching all of us in some way by delivering birthday and anniversary gifts, food for our pets, gifts for our parents, children, and grandchildren across the world. How about those important K-cup replacements we need to start our day…? You name it and he is delivering it in snow, fog, driving rain, and even ice.What would we do without PEOPLE that we take for granted in so many ways…and how could we impact those brief encounters every day with a warm smile or a kind gesture?Also, what ripple affect do we have every day on those around us…the answer is “unlimited”!When I see my friend tomorrow I will ask his name again, but this time “Thank him for his smile and offer him a cup of coffee with a smile:)”Enjoy your day. #BelieveLikeMe

UPDATE:His name is Michael, and he enjoyed a XLarge cup of coffee on me:) today!

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1 Comment

Dec 06, 2018

Good stuff!

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