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  • Tony Degliomini

The January blues…

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Now that the parties are all over and everyone is back to work and lives, a new year has arrived…and many of us are back to our daily routines. Those routines may not be the most pleasant and desirable. The winter blues some call it is here…

Yes, back to reality and that reality could be quite isolated and lonely for some of us. Whether it’s going through a bad relationship, recovering from an illness, dealing with loss, or frustrated with your career or life, right? Well you’re not alone, however there many people around you that can support and love you!

When I was rehabbing from my accident, there were many set backs and times that I just felt depressed, frustrated, lonely, and out of control of my life. I now look on those times and see it was me setting the thoughts of doubt in motion in my mind. And that yes, in that moment I felt like things were not progressing however they were…I just didn’t see the progress or the change happening in me.

Sometimes, you just need to feel that way because its part of the process. Acceptance to yes, you may feel just out of sync in your life, that doesn’t mean all things are lost! Stay with it and more importantly have patience with yourself. We all want things to be different right away, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

If you feel you are at a breaking point or lost, please reach out to someone you trust and talk about. Just speaking about it may help. Also try to separate the thought from the feeling that all things are lost. We all have something positive we can draw upon in our life. Also, take time to enjoy the little successes because they become large successes, we just don’t see it at the time we are struggling through the situation we are in.

Believe first in yourself, commit to yourself, and have the courage to break through!


Tony (BelieveLikeMe)

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